Roscommon Darts League 2019-20

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Latest Results:

Round 16: (6/3/20)

Molly’s 3 An Bothar Rua 6 (15 to 20 on legs)

Hollywood 2 McDermott’s 7 (8 to 20 on legs)

Dalton’s 2 Holly Tree 7 (8 to 20 on legs)

Cosy Bar 4 Flanagan’s 5 (15 to 16 on legs)

Sideline Bar – A BYE

Next fixtures:

Round 17: (TBA)

Flanagan’s V Dalton’s

Holly Tree V Hollywood

McDermott’s V Molly’s

An Bothar Rua V Sideline Bar

Cosy Bar – A BYE

Cosy Bar159625421076
An Bothar Rua1410424319076
Holly Tree145920322557
Sideline Bar1411314027136
2019/20 180's list
David Concannon (McDermott's)10
Thomas Concannon (McDermott's)9
Tomas Rushe (Molly's)5
Ken Turkington (Holly Tree)4
Gary Concannon (McDermott's)4
James Sharkey (An Bothar Rua)4
Sean Fleming (Molly's)3
Sean Finan (Cosy Bar)3
Tony Connolly (Dalton's)3
Francis Hussey (Flanagan's)3
Aidan Fleming (Flanagan's)2
Tony Thacker (Sideline Bar)2
Matty Conneally (Cosy Bar)2
Mick Kilroe (Holly Tree)2
Paul Carton (Holly Tree)2
Joe Elliffe (McDermott's)2
John Keegan (Dalton's)2
Donal Coyne (Flanagan's)2
Ciaran Hickey (Hollywod Bar)2
Roger Hogan (Holly Tree)2
Daniel McDermott (An Bothar Rua)2
Joe Crawley (Sideine Bar)1
Nipper McKeon (An Bothar Rua1
Aidan Tansey (Mollys)1
Shane Connolly (Dalton's)1
Paddy Fleming (Molly's)1
Vinny Hannelly (Cosy Bar)1
Seamus Naughton (Dalton's)1
Gerry Rhattigan (An Bothar Rua)1
Martin Fleming (Hollywood Bar)1
Wayne Harries (Cosy Bar)1
Nigel Revins (Cosy Bar)1
Noel Beirne (Sideline Bar)1
Callum Holton (Molly's)1
Thomas Fitzgerald (An Bothar Rua)1
Denis Coffey (Molly's)1
Kieran McCormack (Flanagan's)1
David Cafferky (Molly's)1
Matt Hynes (An Bothar Rua)1
Total 180's88

2019/20 100+ checkout list
Matt Hynes (An Bothar Rua)170
Gary Concannon (McDermott's)157
Martin Fleming (Hollywood Bar)150
Jimmy Owens (Flanagan's)143
Martin Fleming (Hollywood Bar)132
Matty Conneally (Cosy Bar)130
Mick Kilroe (Holly Tree)130
Jimmy Owens (Flanagan's)126
Sean Fleming (Molly's)120
Nigel Revins (Cosy Bar)120
Vinny Hannelly (Cosy Bar)120
Matty Conneally (Cosy Bar)119
Daniel McDermott (An Bothar Rua)119
David Concannon (McDermott's)118
Paul Carton (Holly Tree)116
Jimmy Finn (Molly's)116
Ciaran Hickey (Hollywood Bar)116
Brian McCormack (Flanagan's)115
James Sharkey (An Bothar Rua)114
Nigel Revins (Cosy Bar)114
Martin Fleming (Hollywood Bar)114
Thomas Fitzgerald (An Bothar Rua)114
James Sharkey (An Bothar Rua)111
Francis Hussey (Flanagan's)111
David McTiernan (Dalton's)110
Paddy Fleming (Molly's)110
Seamus Naughton (Dalton's)109
Paul Carton (Holly Tree)109
Ken Turkington (Holly Tree)107
Thomas Concannon (McDermott's)107
David Cafferky (Molly's)107
Danny Fleming (Cosy Bar)106
Martin Fleming (Hollywood Bar)102
Aidan Fleming (Flanagan's)101
Ken Turkington (Holly Tree)101
Donal Coyne (Flanagan's)100
James Sharkey (An Bothar Rua)100
Robbie Dolan (Hollywood Bar)100
Pat Egan (Hollywood Bar)100
Gary Concannon (McDermott's)100
Total 100+ checkouts40